Secrets to the Perfect Diet

Graham Rickenbaker, a personal trainer specializing in providing clients with the perfect workout regimen and dietary routine, graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree from St. Mary’s College. One of Graham Rickenbaker’s clients, a healthcare executive, was able to lose approximately 150 pounds with his help.

A healthy diet is the cornerstone to healthy living, and there are a number of simple adjustments an individual can make in order to dramatically increase overall well-being. For example, consistently drinking water or other non-carbonated beverages can help one cut back on unnecessary snacks, as individuals often mistake thirst for hunger. Experts also suggest dining on several small meals per day, as it is difficult to maintain appropriate calorie intake after extended periods of hunger. Another helpful dieting tip encourages people to eat protein with every meal, as it is considered more filling than carbohydrates and fats. Most importantly, people should not focus on what they need to remove from their diet and which of their favorite foods they can no longer eat, but the healthy additions that can be made and maintained.


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